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Lightrip Elastic Adhesive Bandage Brief Info.

Light weight elastic adhesive bandage. Cotton and spandex woven fabric, coated with hot melt adhesive material. Width and length can be cut according to your request to meet different needs in application. Multiple colors available.


  • Hot melt adhesive material, latex-free, maximum minimized skin irritation
  • Light weight, soft and breathable.more comfortable to users
  • Consistent unwinding tension
  • Tears clean
  • Good elasticity, provide strong and controlled support
  • Strong stickiness, leaves no residue
  • Water resistant, will not loose by sweat or water

    (Range of application)

  • Compression wrap
  • Fixation bandage for padding, knee brace, and cold packs
  • As a relief dressing in case of distortions and ligaments, contusions, sprains and bruising

     (Instruction of LIGHTRIP usage)

Unwind 12 or more inches of LIGHTRIP bandage from the roll and allow the wrap to relax. Without stretching, apply one full wrap and overlap. Then, apply LIGHTRIP bandage at approximately 50% stretch. Release the tension on the last 2-3 inches of LIGHTRIP bandage. Press bandage end firmly against underlying wrap to keep it in place. Applying too tightly may impair circulation.


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