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Splint Brief Info.

Plastic volume type multifunctional splint to get fit into the cylinder body, using the cylinder body of the matters and static stable supporting force to the injured area, so as to achieve the fixed effect, and is not affected by temperature and climate, and arbitrary cut out shape, can wash, is a good material for orthopaedic emergency, have plate packing, volume type packing and so on.


  • The early state is soft and can change its shape, flexible, easy to use
  • Can use scissors to change its size (deck can be made into finger splint), applicable to different posture of the crowd
  • After static music produced by the arc shape face, can better lie down on the human body, it is more convenient to use
  • Special polymer material, with X rays can penetrate
  • High polymer material conform to the state standards, stable, non-toxic, non-irritating smell, can direct contact with the skin, does not produce damage to skin
  • Apply to upper limb, lower limb fracture and forehead, her fingers and shoulder fixed use, particularly for outdoor emergency use

    (Range of application)

  • Finalized of bone fracture

     (Instruction of Splint usage)
Open the plastic splint use scissors to cut length, according to the location of the injured area with the hand pinched the type plastic splint according to parts of the body according to possess and quickly finalize the design.


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