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Cold Bandage+Recharge Brief Info.

Ice wrap is a cold bandage which uses a revolutionarily new technique for treating injuries, muscle pain and strains. This bandage reduces recovery time from injuries by combining both the cooling and compressing process in an easy-to-use way. A specially formulated solution is infused into the elastic bandage that begins to evaporate upon contacting skin, thereby cause cooling of the applied area. Ice wrap reduces swelling and provides sufficient cooling to make it a very effective treatment.


  • Cooling rapidly to the affected body surface temperature is 15 ℃
  • Very convenient to carry and use
  • Can cool for several hours
  • To do in the game and an emergency rapid processing, can immediately put into motion
  • Have recharge liquid, can be used repeatedly

     (Range of application)

Fixed fast cooling, lint to do cooling process in a timely manner

    (Instruction of Cold Bandage usage)
After opening, extended the injured area roughly 50% of the range, surface injured area quickly down to 15 ℃, can keep two hours. Recommended interval within 1-2 hours, sports injury and trauma using frequency control in 4 times a day, wash to dry, pour into recharge liquid, can be repeated use.


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